Flower Shop

I love to make flowers out of paper for my pages. There is something very satisfying about handmade flowers. They just look so nice on a page or card, or even on something more substantial, such as a canvas or other off the page item. 

The flower packs I make are usually completely individual - each pack is generally different and although I might make another one similar, it won't be the same. Even if I made two the same they would be different because they are hand made, not production runs. Individuality is everything and in nature, no two flowers are exactly alike anyway. 

The items in the packs are all hand cut or die cut from quality scrapbooking papers, and shaped by hand to give them a unique style and character. They come ready to arrange in whatever way you want. 

Should you want to purchase flowers from me, please visit my facebook page, Heather's Handmade Flowers to see what's on offer this month. 

**Note - A stunning new range of flower packs will be available from 1st September. Come and visit to see how pretty they are. 

love Heather x


  1. Gorgeous flowers! I too am addicted to making flowers!! Love your designs :)

    1. Thanks Carrie. It's a very satisfying craft to do, don't you think? I fall in love with them all as I'm doing them, just as I fall in love with each plant I put in my real garden.


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