Monday, 1 December 2014

December Dance

I told you I was off my game... I was really sick for the whole of November. Well really, from the last Thursday in October to the last Thursday (strangely) in November. I ended up with some sort of virus in the stomach and liver - I wouldn't recommend it ;-) And consequently, I haven't done anything creative, except some Christmas cards on my better days.

They were pretty much all made from scraps, bits and pieces I already had, and lots of white cardstock. I put some new dies to use, too, and made a pile of bits with scraps to use. I still have a few little bags of bits for more... but maybe next year. Now it's time to write all those greetings and messages of love and hope.

love Heather x

Be filled with wonder. Be touched by peace.


  1. Oh it is not nice to hear you have not been well.. I do hope you are feeling much better now.. your cards are all wonderful... Happy December!

    1. Thanks Lizzy, for the wishes and the accolades :-) December has been much better, but too busy, playing catch up.


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